Unveiling the Mighty Igla and Verba Air Defence System, which first entered into service in 1981

And later, in 2004, it was introduced in its updated variant known as the "9K338 Igla-S," which has a NATO code name of SA-24 Grinch

To rival the US-origin Stinger, the Russians once again introduced an enhanced version of Igla in 2014, designated as the “9K333 Verba” with the NATO code name SA-29

By introducing the unstoppable might and unrivalled superiority of the awe-inspiring Igla and Verba Air Defence Systems ...

the guardians of the sky showcase their capability to annihilate any airborne menace with relentless precision and unwavering determination

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and formidable firepower, these indomitable systems unleash an impenetrable shield

The updated Igla and latest Verba are both man-portable air defence systems ( MANPADS ) developed by Russia

These systems are designed to engage and destroy low-flying enemy aircraft, such as helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs )

In conclusion, the Igla MANPADS has a remarkable operational history as a reliable and effective man-portable air defence system