Storm Shadow (referred to as SCALP in French service) is a long-range, air-launched cruise missile crafted for precision strikes against high-value targets. Here are several essential aspects concerning this advanced weapon system:

Storm Shadow/SCALP features stealthy characteristics and low observability to minimize detection by enemy air defenses, increasing survivability during missions.

With a range exceeding 500 kilometers, the missile can engage targets deep inside enemy territory, providing stand-off capabilities to launching aircraft.

It is equipped with a highly accurate navigation system, including GPS and inertial navigation, combined with a terrain-following capability for precise target engagement.

Storm Shadow/SCALP can be launched from various aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers, as well as naval vessels, providing flexibility in mission planning and execution.

Storm Shadow/SCALP can be fitted with various warheads, including blast fragmentation, penetrator, and runway denial, allowing for tailored effects based on mission requirements.

The missile can engage a wide range of targets, including command centers, air defense systems, hardened bunkers, and naval vessels, making it effective in multiple operational scenarios.

Storm Shadow/SCALP is a fire-and-forget missile, meaning once it is launched, it can autonomously navigate to the target, allowing the launching platform to maneuver or egress from the area.

Storm Shadow/SCALP has been exported to multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, France, India and others, highlighting its international recognition and trustworthiness as a precision strike weapon

The missile has been successfully used in combat operations, demonstrating its reliability, effectiveness, and lethality in real-world scenarios.