In An Age Of Jet-Powered Bombers, The Turboprop-Powered Tu-95 Had A Remarkable Range Capability And Flew At Speeds Not Far Behind Those Of Its ” Enemy ” Counterparts

It Is Widely Considered One Of The Most Iconic And Recognizable Aircraft In Russian Military History, Known For Its Distinctive Swept-Wing And Four Engine Configuration

Its daunting silhouette strikes fear into the hearts of those who recognize it as a symbol of Cold War tension

It is often caught in the camera lens, sneaking into UK airspace, with the RAF fighter escorts chasing after it

Get ready to experience the pulse-pounding details of this awe-inspiring aircraft, including its construction, upgrades, operations, and complete technical specifications

Development of the Tu-95 began in the early 1950s as the Soviet Union looked to increase the reach and destructive capability of its bomber fleet

The final bomber version of the long-serving but formidable aircraft was the Tu-95MS ( the “Bear-H” ) which carries six Kh-15 “KENT” cruise missiles in its bomb bay

A formal modernization program was initiated in 2009 with a research and development contract awarded to Tupolev by the Russian Defense Ministry