A long-range, air-launched missile, part of the Akeron LP (Akeron Longue Portée) family, is poised to become a 5th Generation Tactical Combat Missile System.

Currently under development by MBDA, France, as of 2024, it is intended to equip the highly advanced French military rotorcraft Eurocopter Tiger MkIII, as well as Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs).

Its IR/TV seeker, combined with a SAL (semi-active laser), enables autonomous operation in a "fire and forget" mode.

The system will also be able to keep a "man in the loop" continuously if required. This can be achieved either through laser guidance or the IR/TV seeker, with the images transmitted to the Tiger cockpit via an RF data link.

The weapon is designed as a Multipurpose Munition with selectable modes for Anti-Tank, Anti-Infrastructure, and Anti-Personnel capabilities.

Optimal gunner survivability is ensured by: very low system signatures (sound, heat, smoke…), a stealthy data link resilient to jamming, and firing capability towards targets behind cover.

 Achieving elevated probabilities of hitting and killing targets in both static and fast-moving configurations, the system boasts beyond Line-of-Sight firing capability in networked operations.

Described is a versatile munition with a tandem warhead capable of defeating RHA, ERA, neutralizing snipers, targeting infrastructure, engaging soldiers, addressing light-armored vehicles, and combating mortar groups and FIAC.

Capable of firing beyond Line-of-Sight in networked operations and facilitating cooperative engagement with third parties.