Indian Ballistic Missile Defence

Advanced Air Defence (AAD) System: The Advanced Air Defence (AAD) system is another component of India's BMD program. It is designed to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles at higher altitudes.

Development of Prithvi Air Defence (PAD): India has developed the Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) system, designed to intercept short-range ballistic missiles. The PAD is part of the overall BMD architecture and aims to protect against threats from neighboring adversaries.

Two-Tiered Missile Defense System: India's BMD system operates on a two-tiered architecture, with the PAD and AAD systems working together to provide layered defense against incoming ballistic missiles.

Integration with Long-Range Radars: The BMD systems are integrated with long-range tracking radars to detect and track incoming missiles at various stages of their flight. This integration enhances the overall situational awareness and response capabilities.

Ballistic Missile Interceptor Development: India has developed and tested various ballistic missile interceptors as part of its BMD program. These interceptors are designed to destroy incoming missiles during different phases of their trajectory.

Successful Test Flights: India has conducted several successful test flights of its BMD systems, demonstrating the effectiveness of the interceptors and the overall capability of the missile defense architecture.

Development of Multiple Kill Vehicles: India's BMD program includes the development of multiple kill vehicles, which are designed to increase the probability of successfully intercepting and destroying incoming ballistic missiles.

Indigenous Technology Development: India has focused on developing indigenous technologies for its BMD program, showcasing its technological capabilities and reducing dependency on foreign defense systems.

Strategic Importance: The development and deployment of BMD systems hold strategic importance for India, providing a robust defense against potential ballistic missile threats and bolstering the country's national security posture.

Continued Upgrades and Modernization: Like many defense systems, India's BMD program undergoes continuous upgrades and modernization efforts to keep pace with evolving threats and technological advancements in missile technology.