The AASM (Armement Air-Sol Modulaire) HAMMER (Highly Agile and Manoeuvrable Munition Extended Range) weapon system is a precision-guided munition developed by France. Here are some key points about this advanced weapon:

The weapon system offers modularity, allowing for integration with various aircraft and mission profiles, enhancing its versatility and adaptability to different operational requirements.

AASM HAMMER features advanced guidance systems, including inertial navigation, GPS, and laser homing, ensuring high precision and accuracy in targeting.

AASM HAMMER has an extended range capability, enabling engagement of targets at stand-off distances, enhancing aircraft survivability while maintaining lethality.

It incorporates a multi-mode seeker, including GPS/INS and imaging infrared (IIR) or laser guidance, providing flexibility in target engagement and resilience against countermeasures.

The munition is equipped with an adaptive warhead that can adjust its explosive power based on the target type, optimizing effectiveness while minimizing collateral damage.

AASM HAMMER is highly maneuverable, allowing it to perform precise terminal maneuvers, even at high speeds and low altitudes, improving target accuracy and lethality.

AASM HAMMER is designed for all-weather operation, capable of delivering accurate strikes in adverse weather conditions, ensuring operational flexibility and reliability.

The weapon system has been successfully deployed in combat operations, demonstrating its reliability, effectiveness, and suitability for real-world missions.

AASM HAMMER has been exported to several countries, bolstering France's defense industry and strengthening defense partnerships with allied nations, attesting to its global recognition and trustworthiness.