The METEOR missile is designed to engage targets beyond visual range, allowing fighter aircraft to engage threats from a safe distance.

The missile's TDR motor provides variable thrust control, optimizing acceleration and energy management throughout its flight profile for maximum efficiency and range.

Equipped with an active radar seeker, the Meteor missile can autonomously detect and track targets using its onboard radar system, providing high precision and accuracy in engagements.

The Meteor missile's long-range capability and high speed create a "no-escape zone" for targeted aircraft, significantly limiting the opponent's ability to evade or counter-engage.

The Meteor missile features a highly lethal warhead designed to maximize the probability of target destruction, ensuring high kill probability against a wide range of airborne threats.

The Meteor missile is equipped with a two-way data link, allowing it to receive updates and targeting information from the launching aircraft or other networked platforms during flight, enabling mid-course guidance updates.

The Meteor missile's high-speed performance and long-range capability give it an advantage over adversary aircraft, allowing it to dictate engagement parameters and maintain tactical superiority

The Meteor missile is designed to be compatible with a wide range of modern fighter aircraft, including the Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Saab Gripen, ensuring interoperability across allied air forces.

The Meteor missile's advanced seeker technology and long-range capability enable it to engage targets from beyond the enemy's detection range, allowing for stealthy engagement without compromising the launching aircraft's position.

The Meteor missile operates within network-centric warfare environments, receiving real-time targeting information from other platforms like airborne early warning aircraft, enhancing its situational awareness and engagement capability.