The GBU-15 is an unpowered weapon that relies on aerodynamic lift to glide towards its target after release from the aircraft.

The GBU-15 has a modular design, consisting of a guidance section, warhead, and control surfaces, allowing for customization based on mission requirements.

It utilizes laser guidance for precision targeting, with the guidance section containing a seeker that tracks a laser spot designated by the launching aircraft or a ground-based observer.

The GBU-15 is compatible with various aircraft platforms, including fighter jets, bombers, and attack aircraft, providing versatility in mission planning and execution.

The GBU-15 has an extended range compared to unguided bombs, allowing aircraft to engage targets from a safer standoff distance.

With its guidance system, the GBU-15 can be employed in all weather conditions, ensuring operational flexibility and reliability.

The laser guidance system provides high accuracy, allowing the GBU-15 to strike targets with pinpoint precision, minimizing collateral damage.

Some variants of the GBU-15 feature warheads designed to penetrate hardened targets, enhancing its lethality against fortified structures.

The GBU-15 has been used in combat operations by the United States Air Force, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in engaging a variety of targets.