INS Vikrant is India's first indigenously built aircraft carrier, representing a significant achievement in the country's naval defense capabilities.

The commissioning of INS Vikrant strengthens India's ability to project power and protect its maritime interests in the Indian Ocean region and beyond.

With its aircraft carrier capability, INS Vikrant significantly enhances the Indian Navy's ability to conduct air operations, including maritime strike, air defense, and surveillance.

INS Vikrant is capable of operating a mix of fixed-wing aircraft, including the indigenously developed Tejas fighter jets, enhancing India's self-reliance in naval aviation.

As a versatile multi-mission platform, INS Vikrant can undertake a wide range of missions, including power projection, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and anti-piracy operations.

INS Vikrant incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including advanced propulsion systems, integrated combat systems, and modern aviation facilities, ensuring operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The commissioning of INS Vikrant enhances India's strategic deterrence capabilities by providing a credible platform for power projection and maritime dominance in the region.

The carrier is designed to carry a mix of combat aircraft, including the MiG-29K as well as rotary-wing aircraft such as the HAL Dhruv and Sea King helicopters, providing versatile air support and reconnaissance capabilities.

INS Vikrant will serve as a vital platform for naval aviation operations, including air defense, maritime strike, anti-submarine warfare, surveillance, and search and rescue missions, contributing to India's maritime security and power projection in the region.

INS Vikrant symbolizes India's technological prowess, self-reliance, and commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities, serving as a source of national pride and inspiration for future endeavours in naval development.