The Marte Anti-ship Missile is designed and manufactured by MBDA Italy. MBDA has developed multiple versions of the Marte missile with different guidance systems, enabling launch from both ships and aircraft.

The Marte missile is equipped with advanced guidance systems, including active radar or infrared seekers, allowing it to accurately target and engage enemy ships.

It has a significant engagement range, enabling naval vessels to strike targets at extended distances while remaining outside the threat envelope of enemy defenses.

It utilizes a sea-skimming flight profile, flying at low altitudes above the sea surface to avoid detection by enemy radar and increase the difficulty of interception.

The Marte missile can be launched from various platforms, including Naval ships, aircraft, helicopters and coastal installations, providing versatility in naval operations.

It has a modular design, allowing for different variants with varying ranges, warhead types, and guidance systems to be tailored to specific mission requirements.

Some variants of the Marte missile are capable of engaging both naval vessels and land-based targets, offering dual-role capability for maritime and littoral operations.

The Marte missile is a fire-and-forget weapon, meaning once launched, it autonomously tracks and engages the designated target without further input from the launching platform.

The Marte missile's combat use proves its effectiveness against naval targets, solidifying its reputation as a potent anti-ship weapon.