NIRBHAY is designed and developed by India's Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), showcasing the country's indigenous missile technology capabilities.

NIRBHAY is a subsonic missile, designed to fly at low altitudes with a long endurance, providing enhanced survivability and stealth capabilities.

The missile has a range capability of up to 1500 kilometers, enabling it to strike targets deep inside enemy territory with precision.

NIRBHAY can be equipped with various types of warheads, including conventional and nuclear payloads, offering flexibility in mission planning and execution.

The missile is capable of terrain-hugging flight, using its guidance system to navigate through complex landscapes and evade enemy radar detection.

NIRBHAY can be launched from multiple platforms, including land-based mobile launchers, ships, and aircraft, providing flexibility in deployment and mission scenarios.

Equipped with advanced navigation and guidance systems, NIRBHAY offers high accuracy and precision in targeting both stationary and moving targets.

The missile incorporates partial stealth features to reduce its radar cross-section and enhance survivability against enemy air defenses.

NIRBHAY is powered by a turbofan engine, providing sustained propulsion and efficient fuel consumption throughout its flight.

Developed entirely indigenously by DRDO, NIRBHAY showcases India's growing capability in missile technology and strengthens the nation's defense capabilities.