QRSAM is designed to provide robust protection against aerial threats, including aircraft, helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles, within a short-range engagement envelope.

QRSAM utilizes solid-fueled propulsion, enabling quick launch readiness and minimizing logistical requirements for sustained operations.

The missile is equipped with an active radar seeker, allowing it to autonomously track and engage targets with high accuracy, even in complex electronic warfare environments.

The QRSAM system is mounted on a mobile launcher, allowing for rapid deployment and relocation to different locations based on threat assessments and operational requirements.

QRSAM features an integrated command and control system that facilitates real-time target tracking, engagement coordination, and battle management for effective air defense operations.

The system is designed to operate in all weather conditions, ensuring continuous protection against aerial threats regardless of environmental factors.

QRSAM is developed indigenously by India's Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in collaboration with domestic defense industry partners, enhancing self-reliance and national security.

QRSAM can be launched from a vertical orientation, providing enhanced flexibility in engaging targets at different altitudes and trajectories.

With its advanced guidance and control systems, QRSAM delivers high lethality against a wide range of aerial threats, contributing to the overall air defense capability of India's armed forces.