The 3M Series Kalibr Cruise Missiles are highly versatile, capable of engaging a variety of targets, including surface ships, submarines, and land-based targets. They can be launched from various platforms, such as submarines, surface ships, and coastal defense systems

The Kalibr missiles have a long operational range, with variants capable of reaching distances of up to 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles). This extended range allows for effective engagement of targets far beyond the line of sight, enhancing the operational reach of naval and land-based forces

The missiles utilize a combination of inertial navigation systems, satellite-based navigation, and terminal active radar or infrared homing guidance systems

The 3M Series Kalibr missiles have a land-attack variant specifically designed to engage land-based targets with precision

The missiles are capable of flying at low altitudes, skimming the surface of the water to avoid detection and engagement by enemy air defense systems

This sea-skimming flight profile improves survivability and reduces the probability of interception, increasing the chances of successful target engagement

The Kalibr missile system is designed with scalability and modularity in mind. It can be configured with different warhead types, including conventional high-explosive warheads and nuclear warheads

The missiles incorporate partial stealth features, including low observable airframe design and radar cross-section reduction measures