Explore the Best of the MISTRAL ATAM Missile. With its unrivalled kill probability and ease of operation, the MISTRAL ATAM is currently the exclusive helicopter-mounted air-to-air missile in full operational service.

It features a fire-and-forget guidance system, allowing the operator to launch the missile and immediately take cover without the need for continuous guidance.

MISTRAL ATAM is equipped with a powerful shaped-charge warhead capable of penetrating armored vehicles' defenses, ensuring high lethality against various target types.

The missile system can engage a range of targets, including main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, and fortified positions, providing versatility in battlefield engagements.

MISTRAL ATAM is effective in both day and night operations, equipped with thermal imaging and night vision capabilities for target acquisition in low-light conditions.

With its rapid deployment and launch sequence, MISTRAL ATAM offers short reaction times, enabling infantry units to engage fleeting targets or respond quickly to enemy threats.

The missile's precision guidance system minimizes the risk of collateral damage, allowing for targeted strikes against enemy vehicles while reducing the risk to nearby civilians and infrastructure.

MISTRAL ATAM can be launched from various platforms, including shoulder-fired launchers, vehicle mounts, and tripod stands, providing flexibility in deployment and mission execution.

The system features a modular design, allowing for easy integration with different sighting systems, launch platforms, and future upgrades to enhance performance and capability.

MISTRAL ATAM has demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous live-fire exercises, earning a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and lethality on the battlefield.