The Akash missile is a medium-range surface-to-air missile designed to intercept and destroy aerial targets such as aircraft, helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles.

Akash forms a crucial part of India's integrated air defense network, providing protection to vital assets and military installations against aerial threats.

The missile employs a two-stage solid rocket propulsion system, providing it with the thrust and velocity necessary to intercept fast-moving aerial targets.

Equipped with an active radar seeker, the Akash NG missile autonomously detects, tracks, and engages targets, ensuring high accuracy in engagement.

The missile system can operate effectively in all weather conditions, Day or Night, ensuring continuous protection against aerial threats.

Akash is capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously, enhancing its effectiveness in defending against saturation attacks.

Once launched, the Akash missile operates autonomously, allowing the launching platform to engage multiple targets or maneuver as necessary.

Akash is integrated with a sophisticated command and control system that provides real-time situational awareness and facilitates coordinated engagement of aerial threats.

The missile system is deployed on mobile launch platforms, providing flexibility in deployment and enhancing its survivability by reducing its vulnerability to pre-emptive strikes.

Akash is a product of India's indigenous defense industry, developed to enhance the country's self-reliance in air defense technology and reduce dependency on foreign suppliers.