During air-to-air combat, with a remarkable record of 104 ‘Splash‘ and zero losses as of 2023, let us Explore the Best from F-15 Eagle to F-15EX Eagle II

The F-15 was designed and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing) to serve as an air superiority fighter.

The primary mission of the F-15 is air superiority, which means it is optimized for gaining control of the skies and defeating enemy aircraft in aerial combat

Over the years, several variants of the F-15 have been developed. Notable variants include the F-15C (single-seat air superiority), F-15D (two-seat training version of F-15C), F-15E Strike Eagle (multirole strike fighter)

The F-15 is known for its exceptional performance capabilities. It can achieve high speeds (up to Mach 2.5) and has a high thrust-to-weight ratio, giving it superb acceleration and climbing ability

The F-15 is equipped with a wide array of advanced weaponry, including radar-guided and infrared-guided air-to-air missiles, as well as air-to-ground munitions for its strike variants

The F-15 is equipped with sophisticated radar systems that provide excellent situational awareness, target detection, and tracking capabilities

The F-15 has a considerable operational range, allowing it to conduct extended missions and engage threats at significant distances from its base of operations

The F-15 has been widely exported to allied nations around the world. Many countries operate various versions of the aircraft due to its reputation for air superiority

The F-15 has undergone several upgrades and modernization programs over the years to ensure it remains relevant on the modern battlefield