A versatile disposable recoilless weapon system designed for infantry use, Explore the Best of Saab AT4CS AST.

The AT4CS AST is designed for both anti-structure and anti-tank missions, offering flexibility and versatility on the battlefield.

It is a man-portable weapon system, allowing infantry units to carry and deploy it quickly and effectively in various operational environments.

The AT4CS AST is equipped with a powerful shaped-charge warhead capable of penetrating armored vehicles' defenses and destroying hardened structures.

The weapon utilizes a recoilless firing mechanism, which minimizes the backward force upon firing, enabling accurate and stable aiming for the operator.

Built to withstand harsh battlefield conditions, the AT4CS AST is ruggedly constructed and can operate effectively in adverse environmental conditions.

The missile has an effective range of up to 600 meters, providing stand-off capability for engaging targets from a safe distance.

The launcher integrates advanced sighting systems to enhance accuracy, ensuring that soldiers can precisely target and engage enemy threats, particularly in complex urban environments.

The AT4 CS is specifically designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, aiming to be highly user-friendly for soldiers to effectively deploy the weapon in dynamic combat situations.