David's Sling is designed to intercept and destroy incoming threats, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and enemy aircraft, at medium ranges.

The system employs a two-stage interceptor missile, with a solid-fueled booster and a hit-to-kill (HTK) kinetic warhead, to engage and neutralize incoming threats with high accuracy.

David's Sling is integrated into Israel's multi-layered missile defense architecture, working in conjunction with other systems such as Iron Dome and Arrow, to provide comprehensive protection against a wide range of aerial threats.

The system utilizes advanced radar and electro-optical sensors for long-range detection, tracking, and discrimination of incoming threats, enabling early warning and precise engagement.

David's Sling is capable of engaging multiple threats simultaneously, with the ability to prioritize and intercept the most imminent threats based on real-time situational awareness.

The interceptor missile is capable of engaging threats at high altitudes, including those in the terminal phase of their trajectory, providing protection to critical assets and population centers from aerial attacks.

The system is mobile and can be rapidly deployed to different locations as needed, providing agile and adaptive air defense coverage for ground forces and strategic assets.

David's Sling is integrated into Israel's broader air defense network, enabling seamless coordination and interoperability with other air defense assets and command and control systems.

The system is designed with adaptability and upgradability in mind, allowing for the integration of new technologies and capabilities to address evolving threats and operational requirements.

David's Sling has demonstrated its effectiveness in intercepting and neutralizing incoming threats in real-world scenarios, enhancing Israel's defense capabilities and deterring potential aggressors.