The Harpoon missile is known for its long operational range, allowing it to engage targets at extended distances from the launching platform.

Equipped with an active radar seeker, the Harpoon missile autonomously detects and tracks its target, ensuring high accuracy in engagement.

The Harpoon missile can be launched from various naval platforms, including surface ships, submarines, and coastal defense batteries, providing flexibility in mission planning and execution.

The missile flies at low altitudes above the sea surface, utilizing a sea-skimming flight profile to evade enemy radar detection and increase the difficulty of interception.

The Harpoon missile can operate effectively in all weather conditions, ensuring continuous naval strike capability regardless of environmental factors.

It is available with various warhead options, including high-explosive and penetration warheads, tailored for different target types and mission requirements.

Once launched, the Harpoon missile operates autonomously, allowing the launching platform to engage multiple targets simultaneously or focus on other tasks.

The Harpoon missile features stealth characteristics to reduce its radar signature and increase survivability during engagement.

The Harpoon missile has been extensively used in various conflicts and naval exercises, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in engaging maritime targets.

The Harpoon missile has been exported to numerous countries worldwide, attesting to its reputation for reliability, performance, and advanced capabilities in anti-ship warfare.