The Embraer 145I AEW system is integrated with indigenous radar and mission systems, tailored to meet the specific operational requirements of the Indian Air Force.

The system incorporates state-of-the-art radar technology, capable of detecting and tracking air and surface targets with high accuracy and long-range coverage.

With its comprehensive surveillance capabilities, the Embraer 145I AEW provides real-time situational awareness to IAF commanders, enabling timely decision-making and effective air defense management.

The aircraft serves as a command and control hub, facilitating coordination between various air defense assets, including fighter aircraft, ground-based radars, and missile systems.

The Embraer 145I AEW system offers long-endurance missions, allowing for persistent surveillance of airspace and maritime domains, enhancing India's security posture and border surveillance capabilities.

In addition to its primary role in air defense, the Embraer 145I AEW can support a range of missions, including maritime surveillance, search and rescue operations, and disaster management.

The system integrates data from multiple sources, including radar, electronic warfare systems, and communication networks, providing a comprehensive and coherent operational picture to decision-makers.

The Embraer 145I AEW system is designed for rapid deployment and can operate from both established air bases and austere airfields, enabling quick response to emerging threats or contingencies.

The platform is interoperable with existing IAF assets and allied forces, facilitating joint operations and information sharing in multi-domain environments.

The Embraer 145I AEW system serves as a force multiplier for the Indian Air Force, augmenting its overall combat capability by providing early warning, target tracking, and command and control functionalities.