The LCH Prachand is a dedicated attack helicopter designed for close air support, anti-tank warfare, and counter-insurgency operations.

Developed indigenously by HAL, the LCH Prachand showcases India's self-reliance in aerospace technology and manufacturing.

The LCH Prachand features a lightweight design with advanced composite materials, enhancing its agility, maneuverability, and survivability in combat.

The helicopter is optimized for high-altitude operations, capable of operating effectively in mountainous terrain and hot and high conditions.

The LCH Prachand is equipped with a variety of weapon systems, including a 20mm turret gun, air-to-ground missiles, anti-tank guided missiles, and unguided rockets.

The LCH Prachand incorporates ballistic protection for critical components and crew survivability, enhancing its resilience against enemy fire.

It features state-of-the-art avionics and sensor systems, including advanced targeting systems, helmet-mounted displays, and electronic warfare suites, enhancing combat effectiveness.

Equipped with night-vision systems and thermal imaging sensors, the helicopter can operate effectively during day and night missions.

The LCH Prachand is capable of performing a wide range of missions, including armed reconnaissance, convoy escort, battlefield interdiction, and urban warfare.

The LCH Prachand is in operational service with the Indian Army and Indian Air Force, bolstering the country's combat capabilities and providing close air support to ground forces.