The Mi-24 is primarily designed as an attack helicopter, equipped with a wide array of weapons systems including cannons, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles.

It features a formidable armament package, including a nose-mounted 12.7mm Gatling gun, rocket pods, and ATGMs, making it effective against armored and soft targets.

The Mi-24 has a secondary role as a troop transport, capable of carrying up to eight fully equipped soldiers in its cabin.

The Mi-24 is heavily armored to withstand small arms fire and light anti-aircraft weapons, enhancing survivability in combat environments.

It can operate effectively in all weather conditions, including day or night, and in adverse weather such as rain, fog, or snow.

The Mi-24 is capable of high-speed flight and agile maneuvers, enabling it to engage targets effectively and evade enemy fire.

It can perform a wide range of missions including close air support, battlefield interdiction, reconnaissance, and escort missions.

The Mi-24 has a long operational range, allowing it to conduct missions deep behind enemy lines without the need for frequent refueling.

The Mi-24 has been widely exported to numerous countries and has seen combat service in various conflicts around the world, showcasing its reliability and combat effectiveness.

Several upgraded variants of the Mi-24 have been developed over the years, incorporating modern avionics, sensors, and weapon systems to enhance its combat capabilities.