The NSM is a long-range, precision-guided anti-ship missile designed to engage naval targets, including surface combatants and coastal defense ships.

Featuring low observability characteristics, the NSM minimizes the risk of detection by enemy radar and air defenses.

Capable of operating in adverse weather conditions, the NSM ensures operational flexibility and reliability.

The NSM is a fire-and-forget weapon, allowing launching platforms to engage multiple targets simultaneously or focus on other tasks after launch.

Equipped with a high-explosive warhead, the NSM delivers devastating impact against enemy vessels, significantly enhancing maritime strike capabilities.

With its advanced targeting system, the NSM can also engage land-based targets, including coastal defense installations and enemy infrastructure.

The JSM is designed for use on various aircraft platforms, including the F-35 Lightning II, providing multirole capability for maritime and land attack missions.

Featuring advanced targeting systems, including imaging infrared and autonomous target recognition, the JSM ensures precise engagement of both maritime and land-based targets.

The JSM has an extended range, allowing aircraft to engage targets from stand-off distances while minimizing exposure to enemy air defenses.

Some variants of the JSM feature adaptive warheads, which can be tailored for specific target types, including armored vehicles and hardened structures.