The Su-34 is a highly versatile aircraft capable of performing a wide range of missions, including precision strikes, interdiction, reconnaissance, and anti-ship warfare.

The Su-34's armored cockpit fits two pilots side-by-side, while its spacious cabin allows free movement and even lying down between seats. Basic necessities like a hand-held urinal 'toilet' and vacuum flask 'kitchen' are also provided.

The Su-34 has a considerable combat radius, enabling it to conduct long-range missions without the need for aerial refueling, enhancing its operational flexibility and endurance.

It is equipped with a sophisticated avionics suite, including modern radar systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems, and sensors, providing enhanced situational awareness and survivability in combat.

The Su-34 has a large internal weapons bay and multiple hardpoints for external stores, allowing it to carry a diverse array of precision-guided munitions, bombs, and missiles.

With its powerful engines, the Su-34 is capable of reaching supersonic speeds, enabling rapid transit to the target area and enhancing its survivability by reducing exposure to enemy threats.

It can operate in all weather conditions, including adverse weather such as rain, snow, and fog, ensuring continuous combat readiness and mission effectiveness.

The Su-34 is equipped with a TFAS, allowing it to fly at low altitudes while following the contours of the terrain, minimizing its radar cross-section and enhancing survivability.

The aircraft features a comprehensive self-protection suite, including chaff and flare dispensers, radar warning receivers (RWR), and electronic countermeasures (ECM) systems, enhancing its survivability against enemy threats.

The Su-34 is actively deployed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, demonstrating its prowess in numerous combat missions.