The TOW 2B Aero features a tandem-warhead design that enables it to perform top-attack maneuvers, striking armored vehicles from above where their armor is typically thinner, increasing lethality.

It is optimized for anti-tank missions, capable of penetrating heavy armor and defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles with its tandem-warhead design.

Like other TOW variants, the TOW 2B Aero utilizes a wire-guided system, allowing the operator to manually guide the missile to its target using an optical sight and control wires.

The TOW 2B Aero has an effective range of over 3,750 meters (approximately 2.3 miles), providing operators with the ability to engage targets at extended distances with high accuracy.

The system is effective in all weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in adverse environmental conditions such as rain, fog, and snow.

The TOW 2B Aero missile can be launched in a fire-and-forget mode, allowing the operator to guide the missile to its target and then immediately move on to engage other threats without having to continuously track the missile.

In addition to anti-tank missions, the TOW 2B Aero can be used against fortified positions, bunkers, and other hardened targets, providing versatility and flexibility on the battlefield.

The TOW 2B Aero system can be mounted on various vehicles, including armored personnel carriers and light vehicles, as well as deployed by infantry teams using man-portable launchers.

Modern variants of the TOW 2B Aero system are compatible with advanced targeting systems, including thermal sights and laser rangefinders, enhancing target acquisition and engagement capabilities.

The TOW 2B Aero has been used in numerous conflicts and military operations worldwide, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in combat situations and contributing to its reputation as a trusted anti-tank weapon system.