The R-27 Alamo is designed for medium-to-long-range engagements, allowing fighter aircraft to engage targets at extended distances.

The missile employs semi-active radar homing, requiring continuous illumination of the target by the launching aircraft's radar until impact.

The R-27 Alamo comes in several variants, including the R-27R, R-27ER, R-27T, R-27ET, R-27P, and R-27EP, each optimized for different engagement scenarios and equipped with various seekers and warheads.

The missile can engage a wide range of targets, including fighter aircraft, bombers, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), enhancing the air-to-air combat capability of the launching platform.

SAMAR, developed by the Indian Air Force's Base Repair Depot in partnership with Simran Flowtech Industries and Yamazaki Denki, is a short-range air defense system.

The R-27 Alamo is compatible with various fighter aircraft, including the Sukhoi Su-27, MiG-29, MiG-35 and other Russian-built and compatible platforms.

The R-27 missile series has been exported to numerous countries and is used by various air forces globally, contributing to their air-to-air combat capabilities.

Depending on the variant, the R-27 Alamo has an operational range of up to 130 kilometers (81 miles), enabling engagements at significant distances.

Upgraded variants of the R-27 feature improved guidance systems, such as enhanced target discrimination and resistance to countermeasures, improving overall performance.

The R-27 Alamo has seen combat deployment in various conflicts, demonstrating its effectiveness in engaging aerial threats and contributing to air superiority missions.