Discover the Best of the THAAD Mobile ABM System

Interception Range: THAAD has the capability to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles at both endoatmospheric (inside Earth's atmosphere) and exoatmospheric (outside Earth's atmosphere) altitudes. This provides a comprehensive defense against various types of ballistic missiles.

Mobile and Transportable: THAAD is highly mobile and can be rapidly deployed to different locations. Its transportability enhances its strategic flexibility, allowing it to be quickly positioned in response to emerging threats.

Sensor Capabilities: The system is equipped with advanced X-band radar, known as the AN/TPY-2 radar, which provides high-resolution target tracking and discrimination. This radar can track and discriminate multiple targets simultaneously.

Hit-to-Kill Technology: THAAD employs a hit-to-kill approach, meaning that it destroys incoming missiles by colliding with them at high speeds, rather than relying on explosive warheads. This method enhances the system's precision and effectiveness.

Global Coverage: THAAD provides a wide-area defense capability, covering larger areas than some other missile defense systems. This makes it suitable for protecting against missiles with various ranges.

All-Weather Capability: The system is designed to operate effectively in all weather conditions, providing a reliable defense capability regardless of environmental factors.

Layered Defense: THAAD is often used in conjunction with other missile defense systems, creating a layered defense architecture. This layered approach increases the overall effectiveness of missile defense by engaging threats at different stages of their trajectory.

U.S. and Allied Deployments: The United States has deployed THAAD systems in various locations around the world to protect against regional ballistic missile threats. Additionally, some U.S. allies have acquired and deployed THAAD to enhance their own missile defense capabilities.

Successful Test Record: THAAD has undergone numerous successful test intercepts, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in real-world scenarios. These tests include intercepts of both short and medium-range ballistic missiles.

Political and Strategic Significance: The deployment of THAAD systems in certain regions has been a source of political and strategic discussions. The system's presence can influence regional security dynamics and serve as a deterrent against potential adversaries.