The IL-76 is a heavy transport aircraft with a large cargo hold capable of carrying significant loads of personnel, equipment, and supplies over long distances

It can carry up to 45 tons of cargo, making it suitable for transporting heavy equipment, vehicles, humanitarian aid, and more

The IL-76 plays a critical role in India's strategic airlift capability, allowing for rapid deployment of troops and resources in times of crisis or military operations

In addition to strategic airlift, the IL-76 is used for tactical airlift missions, delivering supplies and personnel to forward operating bases and remote areas

The aircraft is equipped for paratrooper drops, enabling the airdrop of troops and equipment during airborne operations

The IL-76 can be configured for search and rescue missions, with the ability to drop life rafts and deploy rescue equipment

The IAF has also modified some IL-76 aircraft to serve as airborne early warning and control platforms. These aircraft are equipped with radar systems mounted on a rotating dome on top of the fuselage

The AWACS version provides a comprehensive surveillance capability, detecting and tracking aerial and ground targets over long ranges. It also serves as a command center, coordinating air operations and providing situational awareness

The radar system on the AWACS IL-76 can track multiple targets simultaneously, identify threats, and guide friendly aircraft for interception or engagement

The IAF has undertaken efforts to upgrade its IL-76 platforms to enhance their performance, extend their service life, and keep them relevant in modern combat scenarios