Details Of Kamov ka-31 Helix Early Warning Helicopter are disclosed here

The Ka-31 Helix Airborne Early Warning ( AEW ) Helicopter is an extraordinary aircraft that shares a similar frame with the Ka-27, distinguished by the NATO code name “Helix” for both helicopters

It is specifically engineered to serve as a cutting-edge rotorcraft, airborne early warning and control system for the Russian Navy, primarily deployed on  aircraft carriers

This remarkable helicopter continues to be actively deployed by the Russian, Indian, and Chinese navies

The primary mission of the Ka-31 is to provide exceptional long-range detection capabilities for airborne and naval threats

This helicopter boasts the ability to track targets across extensive horizons, surpassing the capabilities of ship-based radars

As a result, it becomes a crucial asset for naval task forces, particularly for smaller ships that lack carrier-borne early warning aircraft

One of the most captivating and groundbreaking aspects of the Kamov helicopter design is the incorporation of co-axially mounted contra-rotating main rotors

This ingenious configuration revolutionizes the aircraft’s manoeuvrability, completely eliminating the need for a traditional tail rotor assembly