The Iron Dome is a highly effective short-range air defense system designed to intercept and destroy incoming rockets, artillery shells, and mortars.

Rapid Response: The Iron Dome is known for its rapid response capability, providing a quick reaction to incoming threats. The system is designed to intercept and destroy projectiles in a matter of seconds.

Interception of Short-Range Threats: The primary function of the Iron Dome is to intercept short-range threats, including rockets, artillery shells, and mortars. It is particularly effective against projectiles with ranges between 4 and 70 kilometers.

Tamir Interceptor Missiles: The interceptors used by the Iron Dome are called Tamir missiles. These missiles are equipped with advanced sensors and steering fins for precise targeting and interception of incoming threats.

Multiple Simultaneous Threat Tracking: The system is capable of tracking and engaging multiple threats simultaneously, making it effective in situations where there are multiple incoming projectiles.

Coded IFF (Identification Friend or Foe): The Iron Dome is equipped with a coded IFF system, allowing it to distinguish between incoming threats that pose a danger to populated areas and those that will fall in uninhabited areas.

Success Rate: The Iron Dome has demonstrated a high success rate in intercepting and destroying incoming threats. The system's effectiveness has been particularly notable in conflicts where it has been deployed, such as the Israeli-Gaza conflicts.

Integration with Battle Management Systems: The Iron Dome is integrated into broader air defense and battle management systems, allowing for coordinated and effective responses to incoming threats in conjunction with other defense systems.

Mobile and Flexible Deployment: The system is mobile and can be rapidly deployed to different locations, providing flexibility in defending various areas based on the evolving threat landscape.

Cost-Effective Defense: While interceptor missiles are relatively expensive, the Iron Dome's ability to selectively target and intercept only incoming threats deemed to pose a risk to populated areas contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

International Interest and Sales: The success of the Iron Dome has garnered international interest, and Israel has entered into agreements to sell the system to certain allied nations seeking advanced short-range air defense capabilities.