The Python and Derby are two families of advanced air-to-air missiles (AAMs) developed by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

The Python missile family includes multiple generations of AAMs, with the Python-3, Python-4, and Python-5 being some of the most well-known variants

Python missiles are known for their ability to lock onto and track targets after being launched, which provides greater flexibility and allows pilots to engage targets outside the aircraft's immediate line of sight

These missiles feature all-aspect targeting, meaning they can engage targets approaching from any direction, including head-on or tail-chase scenarios

Python missiles are designed for high agility and maneuverability, making them effective against agile and evasive targets

These missiles incorporate advanced counter-countermeasures to resist electronic countermeasures and jamming, ensuring their effectiveness in complex electronic warfare environments

Derby missiles are medium-range AAMs designed for beyond visual range engagements, providing pilots with the ability to engage targets at significant distances

The Derby missile is equipped with an active radar seeker, which allows it to autonomously track and engage targets without relying solely on the launching aircraft's radar

The active radar seeker and guidance system enable the Derby missile to be fired and then autonomously engage its target without requiring constant input from the launching aircraft

Both the Python and Derby missiles are designed to be compatible with a variety of aircraft, including fighter jets and helicopters, enhancing the air-to-air capabilities of these platforms