The SPYDER (Surface-to-air PYthon and DERby) is an advanced air defense system developed by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

The SPYDER system combines two types of missile interceptors—the Python-5, which is a fifth-generation imaging infrared (IIR) air-to-air missile, and the Derby, which is a beyond visual range active radar homing missile

The SPYDER system is capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously, making it effective in countering a variety of aerial threats, including aircraft, helicopters, drones, and munitions

SPYDER provides both short-range and medium-range air defense capabilities, offering protection against threats at various engagement distances

The system is mounted on mobile platforms, allowing for rapid deployment to different areas based on changing threat scenarios

SPYDER is equipped with a radar system that provides target search, tracking, and fire control capabilities, enhancing its situational awareness and engagement accuracy

The missiles used in the SPYDER system have fire-and-forget capability, meaning they can be launched and autonomously engage their targets without continuous guidance from the launching platform

The SPYDER system can be integrated with various radar systems, sensors, and command and control networks to create a comprehensive air defense solution

The system can adapt its engagement strategies based on the type of threat, allowing it to effectively neutralize different aerial threats with appropriate missiles

The SPYDER system has been adopted by several countries and has seen operational use in various scenarios, demonstrating its capability to provide air defense coverage against diverse aerial threats