Kinzhal Missile _ Its NATO Reporting Name Killjoy, Is A Russian-Made Nuclear Capable Hypersonic Air-Launched Ballistic Missile ( ALBM )

It is designed to be fired by MiG-31K interceptors or Tu-22M3 bomber

Its range is extended to 3,000 km (1,900 miles) when carried by the Tu-22M3 bomber

The first launch of Kinzhal in the Arctic took place in mid-November, 2019

The missile can reach its maximum hypersonic speed of Mach-10 when launched

The missile’s overall design is similar to the Iskander, a surface-to-surface missile, however, the guidance system has been altered for Kinzhal

Some publications refer to Kinzhal as the “carrier killer” because of its hypersonic speed, great precision, and advanced maneuvering abilities