Also Known As AS-13 ‘Kingbolt’ According To The NATO Code Name

It Is A Russian TV Guided Cruise Missile With A Two-Stage Solid-Fuel Propulsion System

The Kh-59 Missile Is An Air-Launched, Long Range Precision Strike Weapon Developed By MKB Raduga

It Can Be Carried By Tactical Aircraft And Is Capable Of Engaging Ground Targets With High Accuracy

With A Range Of Up To 290 Km And A Subsonic Speed, It Combines Inertial Guidance With Seeker Systems Such As Television (TV) Or Millimeter Wave Active Radar Seeker Homing

Equipped With A Variety Of Warheads, Including High Explosive And Cluster Options, Delivers Destructive Power And Can Penetrate Hardened Structures To Nutralise The Enemy

The design of the Kh-59 enables its compatibility with a range of aircraft platforms, including tactical aircraft like the Su-24, Su-30 and Su-34

The upgraded Kh-59 missile represents a noteworthy milestone in the ongoing modernization efforts of the Russian military

The Kh-59 gracefully cruises at an optimal altitude of approximately 7 meters above water or 100 meters above ground