Let’s Delve Into The Details Of The Kh-35 Kayak Missile, an Exemplary Creation from the Soviet Era

A Vigorous Turbojet-Powered and Formidable Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

The Missile Is Still Under Active Development by Russia

This Mighty Missile Can Be Launched with Utmost Precision from Aircraft, Helicopters, Surface Ships, and Coastal Defense Batteries

Specifically Designed to Engage and Dominate Surface Vessels in Littoral Environments

The Kh-35 Booasts an Impeccable Active Radar Homing Guidance System, a Robust Solid-Fuel Rocket Motor, and an Expansive High-Explosive Warhead

With Its Exceptional Range, the Kh-35 Demonstrates Its Unparalleled Ability to Effectively Neutralize and Decimate Enemy Naval Targets of Upto 5,000 Tonnes