The missile, also known as Scalp, is a formidable long-range, air-launched, and low-observable cruise missile meticulously engineered for precise strikes against high-value targets

It is predominantly employed by the esteemed air forces of the UK, France, and Italy

Boasting an impressive range of over 560 kilometres

This formidable weapon can be skillfully deployed from a range of aircraft, including advanced fighter jets and bombers

Developed jointly by the UK and France in 1994, the Storm Shadow is presently manufactured by MBDA, a testament to its enduring prowess

The missile embodies a distinctive and stealthy design, enabling it to execute surgical strikes with exceptional precision

The missile also features terrain-following capabilities, enabling it to fly at low altitudes to avoid detection by enemy radar.

The missile is designed to penetrate heavily defended areas and can be used to engage targets such as enemy command centres, air defence systems, and strategic infrastructure