Let’s Explore The Details Of The Massive Kh-22 Missile

Primarily Designed For Engaging And Obliterating Enemy Ships, Particularly Aircraft Carriers

The Kh-22 Possesses Astounding Speed, Extensive Range And Devastating Capabilities

With Its Imposing Size And Weight, The Missile Can Deliver A High-Explosive Or Nuclear Warhead To Targets Upto 600 Km Away

Despite Its Limited Operational Use, The Kh-22 Played A Vital Role In Soviet Arsenal During The 1980s

Subsequently, It Underwent A Complete Transformation Into The Kh-32 Configuration In Response To NATO’s Missile Advancements

Consequently, The Kh-32 Immerged As Russia’s Supremely Powerful Supersonic Air Launched Cruise Missile, Boasting A Remarkable Range of 1000 km

The NATO code name for this missile is “Kitchen”

However, the Kh-32 was officially accepted into service in 2016

Primarily intended as armament for the Tu-22M3M bombers

The induction of the Kh-32 into service marks a significant milestone in the evolution of supersonic weaponry