Igla Air Defense

Man-Portable SAM System: The Igla is a man-portable, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile system designed for use by individual soldiers or small air defense teams.

Infrared Homing: The Igla utilizes infrared homing guidance, allowing it to lock onto the heat signature emitted by the target aircraft's engines. This makes it effective against a variety of aerial threats, including helicopters and low-flying fixed-wing aircraft.

All-Weather Capability: The Igla is designed to operate in all weather conditions, providing reliable air defense capabilities regardless of environmental factors.

High Mobility: Being man-portable, the Igla is highly mobile and can be easily transported and deployed in various terrains. This mobility is crucial for providing air defense cover to infantry units on the move.

Countermeasure Resistant: The Igla is equipped with features to resist countermeasures employed by aircraft, enhancing its ability to engage and neutralize targets effectively.

Successor to Igla: The Verba is the successor to the Igla system and was developed to address emerging challenges in aerial threats and to enhance overall performance.

Improved Range and Altitude: The Verba offers improvements over its predecessor, with enhanced engagement range and altitude capabilities. It is designed to engage targets at longer distances and higher altitudes.

Enhanced Resistance to Countermeasures: The Verba incorporates advanced technologies to increase resistance to various countermeasures employed by modern aircraft, improving its effectiveness in contested environments.

Automatic Target Tracking: The Verba features automatic target tracking, making it easier for the operator to acquire and engage targets. This automation enhances the system's usability and responsiveness.

Improved Lethality: The Verba is designed to be more lethal than the Igla, with advanced seekers and warhead technologies. This enhances its capability to neutralize a wider range of aerial threats.