The design of the AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER (Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response) incorporates several key elements to ensure its effectiveness and versatility in engaging a wide range of targets.

Precision Strike Capability: The AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER is designed to deliver precision strikes against a wide range of targets, including both land and sea-based threats

Extended Range: The SLAM-ER has the capability to engage targets from extended ranges, allowing for stand-off engagement and reducing the risk to launching platforms

Multimode Seeker System: The missile incorporates a multimode seeker system that includes infrared, laser spot tracking, and passive radar homing capabilities

GPS and INS Integration: The SLAM-ER integrates GPS (Global Positioning System) and INS (Inertial Navigation System) to provide precise navigation and guidance

Versatility: The SLAM-ER's design allows it to engage a wide range of targets, including hardened structures, surface ships, armoured vehicles, and other high-value assets

Electronic Countermeasures: The SLAM-ER incorporates features to counter enemy electronic warfare systems and defenses, ensuring its guidance and targeting capabilities remain effective in hostile environments.

Aerodynamic Design: The missile's streamlined airframe and control surfaces provide stability and maneuverability during flight, enabling it to adjust its trajectory and perform mid-course corrections as necessary