ASRAAM is known for its exceptional agility and maneuverability, enabling it to engage highly maneuverable targets effectively, including those performing evasive maneuvers.

This Fire-And-Forget Air-To-Air Missile (AAM) emerges as the ultimate weapon designed for within-visual-range engagements, endowed with cutting-edge technology.

Equipped with an active radar seeker, ASRAAM can autonomously detect, track, and engage targets with high precision, even in challenging electronic warfare environments.

ASRAAM features off-boresight engagement capability, allowing it to engage targets not directly in the missile's line of sight, significantly enhancing its lethality and engagement flexibility.

The missile is equipped with a powerful fragmentation warhead, ensuring high kill probability against a wide range of aerial threats, including fighter aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The ASRAAM utilizes data from the aircraft’s sensors, including radar or helmet-mounted sight, and can autonomously function as an infrared search and track system.

The missile's TDR motor provides variable thrust control, optimizing acceleration and energy management throughout its flight profile for maximum efficiency and range.

ASRAAM is integrated with various fighter aircraft platforms, including the Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35 Lightning II, IAF Jaguar Darin III, LCA Tejas, and Hawk 132, providing a common and interoperable air-to-air missile solution.

ASRAAM is equipped with advanced counter-countermeasure capabilities, enabling it to counter enemy defensive measures and maintain high lethality against sophisticated threats.

With a flight capability exceeding Mach 3 and a range surpassing 25 kilometers (16 mi), ASRAAM maintains remarkable 50 g manoeuvrability, thanks to its body lift technology combined with tail control.