The Carl Gustaf M4 is capable of engaging a wide range of targets, including armored vehicles, bunkers, fortified positions, and infantry formations, making it a versatile weapon for infantry units.

Despite its firepower, the Carl Gustaf M4 is relatively lightweight and portable, allowing infantry soldiers to carry and deploy it effectively on the battlefield.

The weapon utilizes a recoilless firing mechanism, which minimizes the backward force upon firing, enabling accurate and stable aiming for the operator.

Equipped with a variety of ammunition types, including high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT), high-explosive dual purpose (HEDP), and illumination rounds, the Carl Gustaf M4 delivers lethal firepower against a range of targets.

The Carl Gustaf M4 is reloadable, allowing operators to quickly replace expended rounds and continue engaging targets without significant downtime.

The weapon system is effective in both day and night operations, providing infantry units with a reliable anti-armor capability in all lighting conditions.

The weapon generates minimal backblast upon firing, reducing the risk of injury to nearby personnel and enhancing its suitability for urban combat scenarios.

The Carl Gustaf M4 features improved ergonomics compared to earlier models, with adjustable shoulder support and improved sighting systems, enhancing operator comfort and accuracy.

The weapon system is designed with a modular architecture, allowing for easy integration of accessories such as sights, grips, and additional ammunition types to meet specific mission requirements.

The Carl Gustaf M4 has been deployed by numerous armed forces worldwide and has demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability in various combat operations and live-fire exercises.