NLAW is a fire-and-forget missile system, allowing operators to launch the missile and immediately take cover without the need for continuous guidance.

It is lightweight and man-portable, enabling infantry units to carry and deploy it quickly and effectively on the battlefield.

NLAW employs a top-attack profile, where the missile strikes the target from above, exploiting thinner armor protection and increasing lethality.

The missile is equipped with a tandem shaped-charge warhead designed to defeat modern reactive armor systems, ensuring high lethality against armored threats.

NLAW has an effective range of up to 800 meters, providing stand-off capability for engaging targets from a safe distance.

The weapon generates minimal backblast upon firing, reducing the risk of injury to nearby personnel and enhancing its suitability for urban combat scenarios.

NLAW is effective in all weather conditions, ensuring operational flexibility and reliability even in adverse environmental conditions.

The missile features advanced guidance and tracking systems, enabling it to accurately engage moving or distant targets with minimal collateral damage.

Deployed by various armed forces worldwide, NLAW has demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability in numerous combat operations and live-fire exercises.