The Penguin missile is designed to fly close to the surface of the water, utilizing a sea-skimming flight profile to avoid detection by enemy radar and air defenses.

Equipped with Pulse-laser and passive IR for the MK2, and passive IR with radar altimeter for the MK3, the Penguin autonomously detects and tracks its target, enhancing its effectiveness in complex maritime environments.

The Penguin has a medium range, allowing it to engage targets at significant distances from the launch platform, including beyond the visual horizon.

It travels at high speeds, enabling rapid engagement of enemy vessels and reducing the time available for enemy countermeasures.

The Penguin can be employed in all weather conditions, ensuring operational flexibility and reliability in adverse environments.

Featuring a modular design, the Penguin missile can be launched from various platforms, including naval vessels, aircraft, and coastal defense batteries.

The Penguin is capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously, enhancing its versatility in maritime strike operations.

With its sea-skimming flight profile and low radar cross-section, the Penguin missile offers a low probability of intercept, enhancing its survivability during engagement.

The Penguin missile has been used in combat operations and has demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability in engaging maritime targets.

The Penguin missile has been exported to several countries worldwide, attesting to its reputation for reliability, performance, and advanced capabilities in anti-ship warfare.