The ADM-160 MALD (Miniature Air-Launched Decoy) System is an advanced decoy developed for the United States Air Force and Navy. Here are several essential aspects concerning this advanced weapon system:

ADM-160 MALD is designed to mimic the radar signatures and flight profiles of manned aircraft, effectively diverting enemy radar-guided missiles away from intended targets.

MALD is equipped with electronic warfare payloads, including jamming and spoofing techniques, to disrupt enemy radar and communication systems.

It is small and lightweight, allowing multiple MALDs to be carried and launched from a single aircraft, increasing mission effectiveness and coverage.

Once launched, MALD operates autonomously, navigating pre-programmed flight paths to simulate the presence of friendly aircraft and draw enemy fire away from actual targets.

There are multiple variants of MALD, including MALD-J (Jammer) and MALD-N (Navy), each tailored for specific mission requirements and operational environments.

MALD is compatible with a wide range of aircraft, including fighters, bombers, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), providing flexibility in deployment and mission planning.

By saturating enemy air defense systems with decoy threats, MALD enhances the survivability of manned aircraft and other high-value assets, reducing the risk of detection and engagement.

Some variants of MALD feature real-time re-targeting capabilities, allowing operators to redirect the decoy to prioritize emerging threats or adjust to changing battlefield conditions.

MALD has been employed in various military operations, demonstrating its effectiveness in suppressing enemy air defenses and enhancing the survivability of allied forces.