The TAURUS KEPD 350 is a sophisticated air-launched cruise missile primarily used for precision strikes against high-value targets. Here are some key points about this advanced weapon system:

With a range of over 500 kilometers, the missile can strike targets deep inside enemy territory, providing stand-off capabilities to launching aircraft.

It features a stealthy profile and low observability characteristics, reducing the likelihood of detection by enemy air defenses.

The missile incorporates penetration aids and advanced countermeasures to defeat enemy defenses, ensuring mission success in hostile environments.

TAURUS KEPD 350 can be employed against a variety of targets, including hardened bunkers, command centers, air defense systems, and surface vessels.

It can be launched from various aircraft platforms, including fighters, bombers, providing flexibility in mission planning and execution.

It is equipped with a modular warhead system, allowing operators to tailor the payload for specific mission requirements, including blast and penetration effects.

The missile features a sophisticated navigation system, including GPS and inertial guidance, ensuring accuracy even in GPS-denied environments.

TAURUS KEPD 350 incorporates a two-way data link, enabling real-time retargeting and mission updates, enhancing operational flexibility and responsiveness.

 TAURUS KEPD 350 has been successfully employed in combat operations, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in real-world scenarios, making it a trusted weapon system among air forces worldwide.