The CBU-105 is a cluster munition that dispenses multiple submunitions over a wide area, covering a large target area and increasing the likelihood of hitting enemy assets.

Each CBU-105 contains sensor-fuzed submunitions equipped with sophisticated sensors that can detect and classify targets based on their characteristics, such as size, shape, and thermal signature.

The submunitions are specifically designed to engage and destroy armored vehicles, tanks, and other heavily armored targets with high precision and lethality.

The CBU-105 can deploy different types of submunitions tailored to specific target sets, including anti-tank and anti-vehicle variants, maximizing its versatility and effectiveness on the battlefield.

The CBU-105 employs a dispenser mechanism to release the submunitions at a predetermined altitude, ensuring optimal dispersion and coverage of the target area.

The CBU-105 has been used in combat operations with great success, demonstrating its effectiveness in destroying enemy armor and other high-value targets.

To mitigate the risk of unexploded ordnance (UXO), the submunitions are equipped with self-destruct mechanisms that render them inert after a certain period, reducing the risk to civilian populations and friendly forces.

The CBU-105 is designed to operate in all weather conditions, ensuring reliability and effectiveness even in adverse environments.

The CBU-105 can be deployed from various aircraft platforms, including fighter jets, bombers, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), providing flexibility in mission planning and execution.

The CBU-105 has been used in combat operations, demonstrating its effectiveness in engaging armored targets and enhancing the lethality of aerial strikes.