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About the Founder of AirPra: Prajesh Majumdar

Prajesh Majumdar

Born in Tezpur, Assam, his love for military aviation began in 1993, with a deep fascination for fighter aircraft since childhood. Over nearly a decade, he honed his skills in crafting scale fighter aircraft models, fostering a growing dedication to understanding these machines. Life circumstances took him to Miami, where he shifted careers to become a cruise line photographer, completing ten contracts.

Later, he worked as a travel process associate in New Delhi for six years. Despite these roles, his true passion for military aviation remained strong, leading him to leave his positions. In January 2023, he delved into writing articles about military equipment, with plans to launch a dedicated YouTube channel on military aviation and related topics.

Our Motto: We gather information on defence-related topics from around the world, analyze it thoroughly, and present it to our readers in an honest, accurate, concise, and independent manner. Whether you are a defence enthusiast, a student, or simply curious about defence, you will find our articles informative and engaging.

Most of our high-quality military aircraft images come from Hesja Air-Art Photography, our greatest associated asset from Poland. His intense knowledge of aviation photography makes this platform an incredible area to explore.

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