SR UAV WEAPONIZED Is An Indian Origin Short Range UAV – A Weaponised Version That Will Carry Guided ASM Under Its 2 Pylons. Will Be Able To Destroy The Enemy With Vigilance.

SR UAV WEAPONIZED Defense Research and Development Organization is creating a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for the three services of the Indian Armed Forces.

Photo Credit: Vayu
Photo Credit: Vayu


Designed to cater to the requirements of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Tracking & Reconnaissance ( ISTAR ) with light destruction capability. It gathers real-time, high-quality imagery and signals intelligence. SR UAV WEAPONIZED ( SRUAV-W ) can operate at altitudes up to 22,000 ft with an endurance of up to 12 hours and a range of 250 km with conventional and Automatic Take-off and Landing ( ATOL )


SR UAV Weaponized
SR UAV Weaponized


The range of advanced technologies and systems includes the following:

  • Aerodynamic configurations, High aspect ratio wing, Composite airframe integrated with the propulsion system, De-icing system for wings
  • Highly reliable systems with built-in redundancy for flight-critical systems like flight control and navigation, data links, power management, – and mission-critical payload management system
  • Digital Flight Control and Navigation System, Automatic Take off and Landing (ATOL)
  • Digital communication technologies for realizing data links to control and operate the mission and relay UAVs
  • Payloads with high resolution and precision stabilized platforms.

The Features Of SRUAV-W:

  • Power Plant:_  AvGAS Piston Engine
  • Flight Endurance:_ 10-12 Hrs
  • Speed:_ Maximum 135 kt ( 250 Kmph )
  • Operating Altitude:_  Upto 22,000 ft ( 6.7 km )
  • Operating Range:_ 250 km ( Electronic LOS ) Ferry range: 1,000 km
  • Flight Mode:_ Command, Autonomous & Get-To_Home feature
  • Weight:_ Around 750 kg
  • Conventional Take-off & Landing with EP assist and ATOL
  • Electronic Payload Capacity:_ EO ( Color CCD + FLIR ) Laser Designator
  • Self-protection capability:_ 02 wings underslung store station
  • Can carry upto two missiles ( ATGM/APM ) per station
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Photo Credit: Vayu
Photo Credit: Vayu

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