Discover the Best of the PARS 3 LR Missile

For the Precision Attack on high-value targets, Discover the Best of the PARS 3 LR Missile stands as a sophisticated air-to-ground guided missile specifically crafted for precision targeting in contemporary warfare. Recognized as one of the premier weapons for military helicopters, it boasts a high-precision 3rd Gen weapon system with multirole capabilities, adept at engaging both mobile and stationary targets.

The missile is equipped with the latest generation of armour protection, ensuring its effectiveness against various threats, including buildings, bunkers, and other high-value targets. Developed by Germany’s Diehl Defence and partnered with MBDA France, this weapon system boasts advanced capabilities. The missile is equipped with a multi-sensor seeker, combining passive IR CCD sensors in the missile systems for enhanced accuracy against armoured targets.

Discover the Best of the PARS 3 LR Missile
Discover the Best of the PARS 3 LR Missile

With a range exceeding 7 kilometres, PARS 3 LR (Long Range) ensures stand-off engagement, allowing the launching platform to maintain a safer distance from the target. Its fire-and-forget capability minimizes the risk to the operator, making it a valuable asset in complex and dynamic battlefield scenarios. The missile is adaptable to various platforms, including helicopters like the Tiger, and is a critical component in the arsenals of armed forces seeking cutting-edge precision munitions.

To counter tanks, helicopters, and other individual targets while minimizing the launch vehicle’s vulnerability to enemy fire, the missile is specifically engineered for long-range applications. It serves as the primary armament for the Eurocopter Tiger UHT helicopter. Capable of launching up to four salvos in eight seconds, the PARS 3 LR can operate in top-attack or direct attack modes. The missile’s precision and effectiveness remain consistent across its entire firing range.

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The Evolution of the PARS 3 LR: A Development Chronicle

The program was initially initiated through collaborative efforts involving Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. However, with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, the partnership persevered, and the program continued with the dedicated commitment of Germany and France. Parsys GmbH, established as a joint venture between MBDA Deutschland GmbH and Diehl BGT Defence, took on the crucial role of the manufacturer. The design phase of the program spanned an extensive period from 1988 to 2011, culminating in a successful testing phase and subsequent production.

Notably, a more agile, medium-range, and man-portable variant known as Trigat-MR (medium range) was initially part of the project’s vision but, unfortunately, faced cancellation at a later stage. The project underwent a transformative journey, leading to the conceptualization of the Trigan system, drawing inspiration from the MILAN 3 firing posts and the Trigat-MR missile. This evolution underscores the dynamic nature of the development process, with each phase contributing to the refinement and advancement of the PARS 3 LR missile system.

Photo Credit: MBDA / Eurocopter_Tiger
Photo Credit: MBDA / Eurocopter Tiger

France’s withdrawal from the program in 2004 was prompted by cost-related concerns. Despite this development, on June 30, 2006, Germany committed to acquiring 680 PARS 3 LR missiles for €380 million to enhance its Eurocopter Tiger Helicopter capabilities. The commencement of deliveries for the missile system took place in 2012. Notably, in subsequent years, Indonesia also entered into a procurement agreement, ordering 700 PARS 3 LR missiles for €420 million, with deliveries commencing in 2018. The primary motivation behind the acquisition of this missile lies in its proven precision and effectiveness across the entire firing envelope.

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The salvo launch capability of the missile allows for simultaneous engagements, facilitating multiple launches within a very short period. The warhead’s design, incorporating a shaped charge system with an optical distance sensor, ensures effective engagements against tanks, as well as lightly armoured, highly mobile, and stationary targets. This comprehensive set of features positions the PARS 3 LR as a versatile and reliable asset in addressing diverse military requirements.

Photo Credit: MBDA / The Eurocopter Tiger is armed with PARS 3 LR, equipped with salvo-firing canisters capable of launching four missiles under its stub wings.

Strategic Operational Advantages of the PARS 3 LR Missile System

  • Highly effective shaped charge warhead system
  • Fire-and-forget missile system
  • High jamming resistance
  • High precision and penetration power
  • Salvo-firing capability
  • Enables short exposure time – maximum protection of crew and platform
  • Short operational readiness time
  • Engagement of multiple targets
  • Missile Protected by Launch Tube
Photo Credit: MBDA

Specifications of the PARS 3 LR Missile System

  • Weight:  49 kg (108 lb) including launch tube
  • Length:  5.24 ft ( 63 in )
  • Calibre:  159 mm ( 6.3 in )
  • Warhead: 9 kg (19.84 lb) tandem HEAT
  • Range:  7 km (7000 metres)
  • Engine: Solid Fuel Rocket
  • Speed:  Subsonic 290 m/s
  • Guidance: For target acquisition, passive infrared (IR) and television charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors are housed in a mast mounted on the launching helicopter. For missile guidance, passive infrared (IR), and CCD sensors are integrated into the missile.
  • Launch Platform:  Only Helicopters

In conclusion, the PARS 3 LR Missile stands as a testament to the advancements in precision weaponry, offering a sophisticated and versatile solution for modern military needs. With its multi-sensor seeker, range exceeding 7 kilometres, and adaptable platform integration, this missile system provides a robust capability for precision targeting against armoured threats.

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Photo Credit: MBDA

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