Let’s Delve Into The Details Of The Kh-38 ASM

The Kh-38 ASM stands as a testament to Russia’s commitment to innovation and dominance in the field of air-to-surface missile systems. Let’s Delve Into The Details Of The Kh-38 ASM, which is a formidable Russian air-to-surface missile developed by the Tactical Missile Corporation JSC. It boasts a highly capable design, intended to engage both stationary and moving ground and sea targets in any weather conditions.

The missile features advanced technology such as a laser seeker and an inertial guidance system, enabling it to navigate with precision towards its target. As the successor of the renowned Kh-25 and Kh-29 missile families, the Kh-38 represents a significant advancement in military technology, offering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Photo Credit: ROS / Let’s Delve Into The Details Of The Kh-38 ASM
Photo Credit: ROS / Let’s Delve Into The Details Of The Kh-38 ASM
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Open-source illustrative image
Open-source illustrative image / The MiG-35 showcases its firepower with the lethal Kh-38 ASM during the Max Air Show
  1. Aerodynamics: The missile has a sleek and streamlined design that enables it to travel at high speeds with minimal drag. Its pointed nose cone helps to reduce air resistance, allowing the missile to achieve a greater range and higher speed.
  2. Guidance Systems: The Kh-38 can be guided using either a laser seeker or an inertial guidance system. The laser seeker uses reflected laser energy to locate and track the target, while the inertial guidance system relies on accelerometers and gyroscopes to maintain the missile’s course and position.
  3. Warhead: The missile is equipped with a high-explosive fragmentation and cluster warhead that can destroy a wide range of targets, including armoured vehicles, bunkers, fortifications, and ships. The warhead is designed to detonate above the target, creating a shower of shrapnel that can penetrate and damage the target.
  4. Launch Platform: The missile can be launched from a variety of aircraft, including the Su-34Su-24M, and Su-30. The missile can be integrated with the aircraft’s weapon system, allowing for precise targeting and launch.
  5. Variants: The Kh-38 has several variants, each optimized for specific mission requirements. For example, the Kh-38MAE variant is designed to engage sea targets, while the Kh-38MLE variant is optimized for mountainous terrain.
Open-source illustrative image
Open-source illustrative image
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Photo Credit: Art station
Photo Credit: Art station
  • Kh-38MAE — inertial + active radar
  • Kh-38MKE — inertial + satellite navigation
  • Kh-38MLE — inertial + semi-active laser
  • Kh-38MTE — inertial + thermal imaging
  • The Kh-38MAE, Kh-38MLE, and Kh-38MTE missiles employ either high explosive or penetrating warheads.
  • cluster warhead used in the Kh-38MKE missile
Open-source illustrative image
Open-source illustrative image

A year later, the Russian Ministry of Defence officially confirmed the use of Kh-38 missiles to obliterate a terrorist training camp in the Syrian province of Idlib. Deployed from a Su-34 fighter bomber, the missiles demonstrated their devastating effectiveness by completely destroying the camp and eliminating all present terrorists. These successful operations showcased the formidable power of the Kh-38 as a weapon and its ability to neutralize a variety of ground targets. With ongoing development and improvements, the Kh-38 ASM is positioned to play a crucial role in future military operations and counterterrorism endeavours.

  • Weight: 520 kg ( 1,150 lb )
  • Length: 13 ft 9 in ( 4.2 m )
  • Diameter: 12.2 Inch
  • Warhead: HE fragmentation, cluster warhead, and armour-piercing, weighing 250 kg ( 551 lb )
  • Detonation: Contact fuse
  • Engine: Dual-mode solid fuel rocket motor
  • Range: From 3 km to a maximum of 40 km
  • Speed: Mach 2.2
  • Guidance: Laser, active radar, IR, satellite, depending on variants
  • Launch Platform: All operational Russian Fighter aircraft which includeSu-34Su-24Su-30, Su-57 and MiG-35
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Photo Credit: Air Power Australia
Photo Credit: Air Power Australia

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